Grains Over Grapes: Why Beer Competes with Wine in Food Pairing


WineRed wine is for meat. White wine is for fish. Beer just does not care.

Humanity worships wine, at least to an extent; it is the dominant pairing with any type of food, quenching thirst and numbing senses since its invention. Today, only the upper rungs of society enjoy wine, but folks from centuries ago regarded wine as a staple food because it was cleaner than the water supply during a by-gone era.

Not to be outdone, beer carries a storied history with it as well. Beer is centuries older than wine, dating back to prehistoric times. Beer presents itself as a humbler and simpler alternative.

An Open Relationship

Bartenders from agree that orders are simpler when it comes to beer. People get accustomed to the popular beers of their time, and do not have as many nuances as their vineyard counterparts.

Aspiring connoisseurs learn the right colours, scents and origins of the world’s finest spirits. People with enough experience can name the perfect wine bottle in an instant. Beer drinkers just need a bottle opener.

Hopping Far, Opening Wide

Not limited to just grapes as a primary component, brew masters can draft a multitude of flavours using different ingredients. These include your basic hops, grains and yeasts. There are always new and exciting ways to give a brew that trademark taste. Fruits, spices and even different waters are giving avid drinkers new drinks to mix and match with whatever they are eating. In addition, the carbonated property of beer works great at cleansing palettes.

Fancy if Need Be

There are of course, people who prefer the experience of finding the perfect match for their entrée. Though not as common as keeping wine cellars, restaurants can offer their patrons different options. Specialty restaurants and pubs continue to offer new beers and homemade brews, and many variants are becoming easier to purchase from small businesses online.

As chefs keep coming up with new gastronomic creations, beer is one of the few drinks capable of evolving alongside them. So, the next time the waiter asks what you want to go with that plate of food, remember that it is no longer just red or white. Try golden.