Going on a Road Trip? Follow These Safety Tips

car rental

car rentalExploring different places can become a great adventure. Hiring a car rental allows you to get from one destination to another and make the most of your explorations. While many vehicle rentals impose safety inspections and practices, you need to play your part in driving safely, as well.

Learning the road rules and practicing the following tips will help you stay safe on the road and enjoy a great holiday:

1. You may carry your mobile phone during the drive, as long as you mount it on a designated spot in the car. Australia’s laws prohibit you from texting and using your phone to call while driving, though.
2. Random breath testing is mandatory for checking possible alcohol consumption while driving; the allowed limit is at 0.05%. Avoid driving after consuming any type of alcoholic drink to ensure the safety of your passengers and other motorists.
3. Wearing seat belts is mandatory for the driver and all passengers in the car.
4. Always be on the lookout for animals that may suddenly run across roads. Kangaroos, goats and other farm animals tend to remain on the roadsides.
5. Take frequent breaks from driving. Long country journeys are enjoyable, especially when you’re with the whole family, but they can also be exhausting. Making frequent stops will help you rest from the long drive.
6. As recommended by an owner of a car rental in Perth, prepare an itinerary before your journey. Planning will give you more opportunities to explore all preferred destinations during your holiday.
7. Get enough sleep. You need to stay alert throughout the whole journey.
8. Babies and young children should have their own car seats. Never place them in the front passenger seat.
10. Don’t forget the car rental service’s phone number, so you will have someone to contact in case of road emergencies

Road trips are more fun when you feel safe. With a little preparation, you can leave the stress at home and enjoy your road travels.