Frozen Shut: The Cold Bothers your Garage Doors

Garage DoorsIt’s a cold morning and it’s also presentation day at work. You plan to leave early because of preparations and because of the simple fact that you have to be there on time. Despite the cosy sweater weather, you try to get to work fast. But your garage door won’t open.

Have you ever been in this scenario?

Most people experience issues with their garage doors when the weather turns cold. Sometimes, automatic garage door openers suddenly stop working and are powerless against the chilly atmosphere. It makes one wonder: what is it with the cold that stops the door from functioning properly?

Broken Springs

When temperatures drop, garage door springs are likely to break, especially if towards the end of their service life. Operating a garage door with broken springs is difficult and also causes further damage to your doors. The spring must be in good order at all times because it keeps your door system functioning properly.

If the spring breaks, contact a professional service immediately. Only trained professionals should perform repairs like this. Springs hold an extreme amount of pressure; if mishandled, you might experience serious injuries.

Hardened Grease and Metal Contracts

Cold weather also causes the hardening of grease, which makes opening the door difficult. Solve this by removing the old grease first with a solvent. Using a small brush, such as a firm-bristled toothbrush, work on the cracks. Wipe the part with solvent and apply some lubricant to the moving parts.

Lubricant also solves pieces that seize up due to metal contraction. Just apply small amounts on the rollers, hinges and springs.

Preventative Maintenance

Rather than endure creaky doors and broken springs, keep in mind that prevention is always key. Regular maintenance of the door ensures it stands through, especially during cold weather. Always apply solvent to roller tracks, hinges, rollers and latches. Also, lubricant is your garage door’s best friend. Apply this to the bearings, pulleys, screw drive shuttle and torsion bar bearings.

Keep your garage doors in prime condition all year round. Preventative maintenance ensures your doors function well through the hot and through the cold.