Fragile Items: Safety Measures for Packing and Transportation

Packing things in box

Packing things in boxOften, in the process of moving, you have a number of fragile items that need packing with special care. To many people, these fragile items could be important mementos that have great personal value. The packing and moving of such delicate items require the utmost care and vigilance.

According to EZi Removals Perth, most moving companies in Australia have considerations that they employ for the safety of fragile items. This includes special vehicles and techniques, depending on the item. For example, a grand piano may require a truck by itself.

When you need to hire a removalist to pack and transport your belongings, make it a point to be aware of the measures they take to protect the fragile items. These should ideally include:

• The removalist company should first draw up a list of all the fragile items that you will entrust to them for safe transport.

• Fragile items need double-wrapped with bubble wrap, and packed into reinforced cartons or crates. Styrofoam padding is useful on larger items, like television sets. In general, the heavier the item, the thicker should be the wrapping. Boxes and other wrapped items should have clear and legible labels, so you (or the mover) can identify them easily.

Label cartons, boxes, and packages containing sensitive items with ‘fragile’, and label which side is up. As common sense, load these boxes last and unload them first.

• Fragile items include mirrors and photo frames, glassware and chinaware, television sets and other electronic equipment, and even certain pieces of furniture. Many companies offer specialised services, like a particular vehicle or truck, for the packing and transport of fragile items.

Before hiring a removalist company, find out their standard procedures for fragile removals. A good moving company has a number of measures in place that can assure you of the safety of your belongings.