Four Shocking Reasons Rich People Steal


ShopliftingSecurity should be given a high priority in any organization or establishment. Having said that, have you ever wondered why well-off people would be involved in petty illegal activities like shop-lifting? Even celebrities have been guilty of engaging in stealing petty things that they can otherwise afford. This article tries to analyze reasons as to why this happens:


Some people don’t steal because they are in dire need of something. They are driven by a state of depression that clouds their judgment. They do this because they want to feel better or special. In most cases, these individuals usually engage in theft during an event in their life that means a lot to them for instance, a birthday or anniversary.

Search for an emotional high

Theft is an addictive habit just like the use of drugs. Some individuals get bored very fast and prefer to live their life on the edge. They are in constant need of excitement and entertaining stimulus. Stealing gives them the adrenaline rush they need. Security systems provided by companies like AvantGuard Monitoring Centers are highly secure and unlikely to be beaten, so to beat sophisticated security systems like central station alarms without being caught will give them the ultimate fulfillment of some dark fantasy in them.


A majority of people don’t believe kleptomania is an actual condition. They think it’s just an excuse people use to get away with illegal behavior. However, kleptomania is actually a real medical condition that affects a myriad of people. The affected individuals just feel the urge to steal with no apparent reason.

Peer pressure

There is more to peer pressure than what people assume. It’s not just about persuading an individual to do something, but there are people who are very gullible and are easily susceptible to believing the opinions of others. Such victims probably never had a stable upbringing to shape their views.

As shocking as it is, some people steal for different reasons other than poverty or lack of money. This is one more reason why you need to put in place an effective security system.