Fool-Proof Link Reclamation Tactics to Stay Ahead

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Links are still important in improving the rankings of your website; you need top-quality ones to get the results you are looking for. One of the strategies to consider is link reclamation, a process that involves the identification and fixing of broken links within your pages, and reaching out to the sites that link to yours.

Experts on Internet marketing from Singapore cite the following tactics that may help you with this strategy.

Identify Mentions

One of the first things you need to do is identify mentions of your company across the web. These may come in different forms and platforms. Initially, a general approach is sufficient to determine which websites mention you often.

Input the name of your company into Google’s search box and look at the list of places that mentioned you. Make the process faster and smoother by toggling Google’s Search Settings or using tools such as Linkclump or gInfinity. Separate the links you find to determine which ones are worth pursuing.

Filter URL List

After you identify the sites that mentioned your company; the next step is to create a filtered list. This allows you to determine which websites provide you with the best value links. The list, therefore, is integral to the success of your long-term campaigns. Segment the list according to domain authority, niche, and priority; doing so allows you to focus your resources on high-value websites.

Remove 404 Error Pages

Some links are outdated, redirected, or landing on 404 error pages. You need to clean these up to reclaim the link. Use tools like Ahrefs to identify pages that lead to broken links. Once you identify these pages, update them by publishing new content, relinking, and reaching out to the sites that linked to them. The latter enables you to restore the link juice you lost.

Reclaiming broken links can make a big difference in your online marketing campaigns. Implement these tactics to increase your chances of gaining the traffic and conversion you want.