First World Type Living in an Island: Why Expats Love Cebu

Condo Living In CebuThe idea of living in a first world-type city with just a thousand dollars is laughable for some expats. A measly $1,000 budget isn’t even enough to cover the mortgage; how can you survive with just that? Is there any place that allows just that amount of money?

In Cebu City, your monthly budget can go the distance.

Located on the eastern shores of the Philippines, Cebu is the perfect combination of island living mixed with first world-type of living. Wala’y problima! (“No problem!”) is the answer to almost everything here — including your expat life.

Life in Cebu

If you are looking for a good apartment or condominium for sale in Cebu, do your research first. Rent can be a bit pricey if you look in the city center, but outside the city of Banilad, there are two-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouses and units available for just $200. Walk a little further and you might see homes priced at $115.

Public transport is also a major plus in Cebu. Getting around the city is easy and very affordable; no need to spend on a car and its maintenance and gas costs. The city has five different types of public transportation — all budget and expat friendly. Jeepneys only charge P 7.00 a ride while taxis can get you around in 35 minutes with a $7.00 charge.

Affordable Healthcare Within Your Reach

Cebu’s healthcare system takes pride in being so budget-friendly; a majority of expats no longer feel the need to take out health insurances. They choose to pay for the treatments instead. Expats save a large amount due to the low costs of living, which are also sufficient in case of medical emergencies.

Expats who prefer insurances have other ways to obtain it once they get settled. PhilHealth, a government-subsidized agency, is the obvious choice, but there are other options too.

Food is No Problem

The cost of groceries is also low, especially if you prefer to eat local. Open-air markets are an economical choice for shopping, but large grocers stock everything. Wherever you shop, you get low prices that fit your budget.

Cebu is a modern and industrialized pick for expats. It has the amenities of a first world city that comes with an extremely affordable cost.