Filthy Carpets: 4,000 More Disgusting and Dirty than Toilets

Carpet Cleaner In Salt LakeAsk anyone about which part of their home or office they think has the greatest amount of filth and germs, and you most likely will get the same answer: the toilet. Although this room in both residential and commercial properties is indeed rife with dirt and germs, there is something more sinister than the toilet: the carpeting.

Carpets vs. toilets

According to a research pioneered by New York University Langone Medical Center microbiologist and immunologist Philip Tierno, Jr., Ph.D., every square inch of carpets may have up to 200,000 bacteria. This means that, compared to the toilet, carpets may be up to 4,000 times filthier.

Where do all these dirt come from?

There are many sources of the dirt and debris that accumulate in carpets. For instance, there are the human shedding. Humans shed about 36 billion skin cells on a daily basis, and many of these end up on floor carpets or find themselves in wall carpets. In addition to these shed skin particles, numerous other contaminants, such as dust, food particles and pollen, can get stuck and attach themselves to the fibers.

Filthy carpets are more than just disgusting

According to ProKleen, all the debris in dirty carpets provide microorganisms the nourishment they need to start breeding. A perfect example is mold. And while not all molds cause immediate health problems, prolonged exposure to them, especially when a person already has a compromised immune system, can lead to health issues.

You should also be aware that filthy carpets house communities of various disease-causing salmonella, staphylococcus, E. coli, and other hazardous microorganisms.

To make matters worse, every time someone treads on these floor furnishings or touch the ones attached on walls, they disturb the communities of these culprits, make them reach the surface even more, and ultimately resulting in increased exposure.

There are two primary reasons you want to hire an office cleaning company in Salt Lake to take care of your carpet cleaning and maintenance requirements. One is to ensure everyone remains safe from the dangers of filthy carpets, and two, to ensure that your investments last for as long as possible while retaining their original beautiful appearance.