Fifty Shades of White?

Dental model

Picture a healthy smile and gleaming white teeth come to mind. However, many patients find that their teeth have become dull, discoloured and stained over the years. Cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley can help, with one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments around: teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening in the UK must always be carried out by a dental professional, a reputable provider of cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley, such as the clinicians at PDC Dental.

How White Can Teeth Get?

As anyone who has ever tried buying a pot of white paint in a DIY store will know, there is more than just one shade of white. Teeth are no different. In the dental profession white can be divided up into more than 16 different shades. How white the teeth can become after teeth whitening depends on the initial level of discolouration and the particular type of teeth whitening applied.

Cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley offers patients in-clinic teeth whitening, at-home teeth whitening or a combination of the two. The Enlighten system is one that involves both at-home and in-clinic whitening and is the only system worldwide that can offer patients whitening of their teeth by up to 16 shades.

How Does Enlighten Teeth Whitening Work?

Custom-made trays are made to fit snugly around the patient’s teeth. A whitening gel is placed inside these trays and the patient wears them for a few hours every day for about two weeks. The patient then goes into the clinic for a short appointment to finish off their whitening. Whitening works by bleaching away the stains and discolouration with the active ingredient in the whitening gel, hydrogen peroxide.

A Word of Warning

Dental professionals have the skills and training to safely use whitening gels on the teeth. Patients who chose to use DIY whitening kits or go to a beauty salon, where there is no dental professional, for their treatment, risk damaging their teeth and surrounding tissues.

Cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley, from teeth whitening and veneers to smile makeovers, is best carried out by a dentist as they have the knowledge to apply procedures safely and effectively.