Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office Water Cooler

Water SystemOffice water coolers are an excellent investment for your office. It provides employees with refreshing water to drink whenever they need to hydrate themselves. It also reduces the chances of taking sugary drinks that can have a negative impact on their health. As such, a water cooler is what every office should have.

Different types of water coolers are available to suit the needs and budget of every consumer. Before buying your office water coolers, Sydney professionals recommend the following factors:

1. Water Source

You need to figure out how your new dispenser will get water. There are water coolers that can be connected to the main pipes in offices. These coolers should have a built-in infiltration system. Other models require bottled refills, which you need to order regularly.

2. Installation and Placement

Where you will place your dispense matters. You may need to hire a plumber for the installation in a case the dispenser requires connection to your water resource. You also need to create more space if the device uses refillable bottles. Place the cooler where employees can easily access it, so they can get their refills without any trouble.

3. Silent operations

Most of today’s dispensers have silent operations, but there are still specific electric models that make noise when dispensing or cooling water. Consider the noise level of your dispenser when planning to place it near work areas. Dispensers that produce noise might affect your employees’ concentration.

4. Drainage and Cleaning

The cooler you choose for your office should have a good drainage mechanism. The area around the dispenser should always remain dry from spills. You also need to clean the reservoir chamber regularly.

After observing the factors above, you can easily decide on the type and model of a water cooler for your office. Weigh your options before you make a purchase.