Eradicate the Hate: Why It’s Not Just About Security in Airports

Customer Experience in Airports

Customer Experience in AirportsWhen people hear about airports, it’s always about TSA violating someone’s privacy. To online passers-by, these agents seem to have an excessive right to search people using airlines, all in the name of security. Ever since terrorism became a mainstream concern, it’s been ruining airports for people. It’s always been about checks and scans, and it’s time to prioritize customer experience.

Airports aren’t short of tools to make flying enjoyable again, especially in high-traffic areas., for example, has a dedicated solution for charter flights and FBOs that will make bookings and scheduling easier for both crews and passengers. It’s the sort of full-fledged tool to monitor everything, as well as maintaining compliance with FAA standards.

Eradicate the Hate

During major holidays, traffic is visible, both on land and in the air. It’s gridlock, and you don’t need to go far to hear bitter comments. At the airport, on the airline’s social media page and in television reports, the disdain is palpable.

It’s time to move past the security-first, security-only principle. It has been a constant in any form of air travel that airports must have a program that will keep it tight and safe for customers. More than that, they must also anticipate developments in security technology and have systems in place for smooth integration.

The other portion of their effort must go into improving customer relations and the flying experience in general. For the best part of the last 15 years, airport management has been sacrificing a smooth process to ground everything to a slow progression to ensure that everyone is safe. This isn’t 2001 anymore, security measures are better a hundredfold, and there must be a better way to put equal focus on safety, comfort, and fun.

Paying More Attention

If there’s something to learn in the recent air tragedies, it’s that there’s much less attention on airplanes than previously thought. The media dissected the flights to the smallest details, so everything is out in the open. But, for airport managements, read between the lines: security isn’t everything. Paying attention, to the craft, the customer, and the crew, will help prevent these incidents better to a major extent.

Security will always be a part of airport operations, no matter how invasive it becomes. Nevertheless, they have to see it in the eyes of the customers. They want to have a smooth experience, and catering to this growing need won’t mean compromising everyone’s safety. It’s just a matter of integration of new tools.