Entrance Mats – Providing Protection and Safety to Your Establishment

entrance mat

entrance matOne of the most unique items that you can install in your factory, commercial establishment or residential property is the entryway mat. What are entry way mats exactly? Well, they are small carpets that prevent dirt and debris from contaminating the establishment.

It is almost an automatic gesture for people to scrape their feet when they enter an establishment or building. This is the reason that you must always place mats at entryways.

1. Scraper Mats
Scraper mats are a form of entrance mats positioned outside of a doorway of an establishment as a form of primary defense from bigger dirt particles and water. This kind of mat has edges that rub against the sole of the shoe.

It features a loop vinyl setup or an open-hole system that makes the debris fall into the mat. The result is that this hides most of the dirt, keeping the mat look clean for far longer. Compare that to a mat with no holes or any loops. These are in line with interior mats that wipe off tiny dirt particles or water.

2. Interior Mats
Known as a finishing mat, they place interior mats within the doorway to absorb any remaining water or dust particles in the sole, consisting usually of vinyl or rubber backing. Rubber allows the mat to stick to the floor that reduces the possibility of slips and falls. Vinyl backing on the other hand is more prone to slipping and curling.

The surface features an absorbent substance made from carpet material or another artificial material such as polypropylene. Usual designs include a waffle pattern that rubs against the soles of the shoes to get rid of excess dirt. This feature is a dam border, which prevents water from getting out the sides of the mat.

3. Logo Mats
They serve the same purpose as the other kinds of mats, but with a branding aspect tied to it. It usually features the logo of the company to remind visitors that the place they want to enter is a particular establishment.

Doormats have a variety of designs and types. Though humble and not flashy at all, these mats have cutting-edge design to remove dirt and clean the bottom of any footwear.