Employee Productivity/Customer Comfort is on the Line When Choosing AC for Business

A Life of ProductivityYou would be surprised at how complicated it is to choose the right cooling system for your business. To do it right, you have to consider what would suit everyone’s liking. It is not exactly the easiest thing to do, as your comfort level would most likely be completely different from the next person. This is why you would probably resort to expert insight, i.e. feature articles and professional consultation, for your decision.

Your questions will come to a head, where it will involve your employees and customers, two groups of people who all possibly prefer something to the other. You can also read blogs about choosing the right split type for a business or if you should consider centralised air conditioning.

For Those Who Go or Stay

Customer feedback helps a business greatly because the people running the thing will know where their weak and strong points are. So, what if it clashes with what your employees prefer when it comes to optimum temperature? If you put your customers first, who are likely to want a colder atmosphere, you risk a completely uncomfortable work environment for your employees. Prolonged stay in a room with a less-than-pleasing temperature have its negative effects, and not just on people.

Finding a Comfort Middle Ground

It may take some time and a lot of getting used to, but the right temperature is worth finding. If you are thinking about it, no, lowering the temperature against everyone’s wishes just for the sake of one is not ideal. It is better to settle on one number where most will be happy.

Many small business portals, even ones that are not about traditional offices, agree that 21 to 23℃ (70 to 73℉) provide the right kind of comfort for everyone. At the very least, your employees will be happy at this level and will probably be even more productive. From there, you can adjust it to decrease or increase the temperature according to the weather outside.

Locating the right AC is just the first step. Hopefully, this temperature range will give you footing in gauging everyone’s comfort preferences. It seems simple, but anything that will improve the atmosphere in your business is well worth your time.