The Emerging “Out of This World” Trends in Yoga You Should Try


yogaWith the many stressors of life, it’s becoming more important to keep your body healthy. It needs care and constant attention than ever before. Along with this need comes the emergence of yoga, one of the best ways to fight stress, balance life, and achieve inner peace.

Many people, however, don’t consider yoga as something worth the time — because it’s old, boring, and unchanging. But far from what they believe, it’s constantly evolving, as some of the greatest innovators pick up threads of different practices and weave them into yoga.

Take a look at some of the best and most innovative types of yoga emerging today:

#1: AntiGravity Yoga

Developed by Christopher Harrison, one of the biggest names in the industry and owner of, aerial yoga or AntiGravity Yoga is becoming ever more popular. It’s becoming more widely available in specialized studios and fitness clubs, and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and P!nk are fans of this new yoga trend.

With the support of a specialized hammock, you can stretch and strengthen your body without overworking your vulnerable joints. The moves may look complicated and somewhat acrobatic, but they are very easy to do with the help of professional trainers.

#2: Stand-Up Paddle Yoga

Stand-up paddle boarding has been popular through the years. Now, more people are incorporating yoga to this practice, giving way to what is now the SUP yoga. Taking the paddleboard for a spin is in itself a good workout for the core muscles, legs, and shoulders, and adding yoga poses makes it even better.

#3: AcroYoga

AcroYoga takes yoga with a partner to a new level — one person performs yoga poses on top of another. Although it’s not as popular as AntiGravity Yoga, it is slowly gaining recognition throughout the United States.

AcroYoga is therapeutic, but it can be risky. It requires a spotter or a person to make sure the duo has good alignment, so the one on top doesn’t fall.

With these trends, it seems like the old traditional yoga isn’t enough anymore. You’re already accustomed to the fast-paced vinsaya flow, and even doing a hundred chaturangas keeps your mind wandering to the guy on the next mat. Maybe you just need something different, exciting, and refreshing for your daily dose of yoga.