Emailing: A Strategic Marketing Choice

email marketingSeemingly-endless blue skies, breathtaking beaches, and glamorous cityscapes—California offers a lifestyle many of us would want. It’s where we also find Silicon Valley, so it’s no wonder many Californians are open to technology. The rise of the Internet has made email marketing—in California and other places—an efficient way to sell and promote any product.

A Communication Staple

Email marketing is the practice of sending an electronic message for commercial purposes to a group of people via the Internet. Emailing has become a popular means of communication. In fact, in 2010, an estimated 90 trillion emails were sent worldwide. That’s 2.8 emails per second! For many people, it is the fastest means of communication in today’s global community. Musselwhite Marketing and Consulting in California suggest using email marketing as one of the most basic ways to increase and improve your online visibility.

Economic Advantages

In the past, physical mail was a popular means of advertising. However, due to the rising cost of printing, many people need to look for more cost-efficient ways to market their products. Email marketing provides this avenue because emails take up zero print space. You don’t need to worry about high printing costs. You can send the most vibrant advertisements at a much lower price. This helps any business to have more control over their marketing expenses.

Environmentally Friendly

Email marketing also has a lower environmental impact than other means of advertising. The use of email marketing lessens the demand on print and paper ads, which in turn affects the demand for wood pulp products, such as paper. Not only is it an effective means to reach a wider scope of market, it is also an environment-friendly way to communicate.

Targeting a Specific Audience

Another of the benefits of email marketing is that companies can advertise their products to a select group of consumers. TV and print ads may reach a larger number of people, but email marketing has the distinct advantage of understanding your target market’s needs. This gives many companies the direct contact and presence many consumers expect from any service provider.

>Using email marketing is a perfect strategy to communicate to a wide but select group of people. The best part? You don’t have to break the bank while saving the environment.