Don’t Let Autumn Get You Down: Dress Right for the Season


jewelleryUtah’s climate is temperate, a favorite characteristic of both locals and visitors. The state boasts of plenty of sunshine and a pleasant winter. It has one of the most beautiful fall seasons, with the cool weather and the stunning colors of the changing leaves.

Along with the changing season comes fashion. The Utah custom jewelry providers of share a thing or two when it comes to seasonal styles:

1. Plaid Long Sleeves

Channel your inner chic goddess with beautiful plaid long sleeves that can keep you warm when the weather gets windy, rainy, or cold. You can simply roll up the sleeves when you feel ready to tackle the challenges of the day.

Go casual by pairing it with a V-neck tee and a short skirt on top of black leggings—a fitted pair of acid-washed jeans make a great match for this, as well. This piece is a great excuse to wear your favorite pair of Chuck Taylors.

2. Lady Loafers

Lady loafers are an upgrade to the traditional boring slip-ons that you have. The stacked heel gives you some height and daintiness without compromising comfort.

3. High-waist Pants

Retro fashion is in these days, and high-waist pants are just perfect for the glorious Utah fall. They give you height and flaunt your curves. They also provide an easy, smooth transition from work to fun at any given day. Choose neutral colors for your bottoms, so you will not have trouble matching them to any top.

4. Merino Wool Trench Coat

Merino wool is a fabulous fabric. It is not only sustainable, but also versatile and elegant. Moreover, this piece provides you the warmth you need for chilly days. Wool trench coat can match any apparel, whether it’s a corporate or casual look.

Be the season’s star with the right clothes. Your wardrobe will make you appreciate the seasonal trends with much gusto.