Does Your Business Need an Explainer Video?

Video MarketingIf you're running an online business, it's a given that you're on the lookout for ways to grow your operations. The good news is an explainer video might be the one you need.

An explainer video is a short animated video used by businesses to tell the story of their brand in a quick yet fun and engaging manner. It's a two- to three-minute video, but can be longer depending on the story. It captures and retains viewership because it is short, light and entertaining.

Why choose to use an explainer video?

There are many reasons you should use an explainer video as a marketing tool. and other video production companies list some of them:

  • Capture you audience's attention – The days of using images and blocks of text to explain products are gone. The potential customer has no time for these gimmicks and all you may achieve at best is to confuse them. An explainer video keeps your site clean and provides material that will capture attention. What more could you ask for?
  • Pump up the conversion rates – In a recent survey, data suggests that 85% of Internet users are more likely to buy a product if they see the accompanying explainer video. An explainer video helps keep track of how many people visited your site, along with the product or service they viewed.
  • Increase web traffic – An explainer video can increase web traffic and can even go viral for all you know. There is no formula for this, but you could always get lucky and there’s no knowing until you try.

All the reasons mentioned here may help increase sales and no matter what business you run, there’s no arguing with that. Go ahead and get that explainer video done.