Disaster Preparedness: Putting Together a Bug-Out Bag

Disaster PreparednessThere are different reasons people need a survival kit. It’s not a matter of paranoia; it doesn’t even mean you’re a doomsday prepper or ex-military. It means you’re prepared for anything that could happen. The fact that storms are getting stronger, earthquakes are happening more often, and forest fires and twisters are becoming part of the landscape in some areas — all these urges the need for preparation. Here are some ways on putting together your own bug-out bag:

Pick the right pack

Buy the items you need first, then choose your bag. Your bag should be made with strong, waterproof material. It should be the right size for you and weighs as little as possible. It can be a backpack or a shoulder carry bag; whichever is more convenient. Some insist on bright colors like bright orange for maximum visibility.

Minimum kit contents

The following are the recommended contents of your bug-out bag. Bear in mind that this is good for one person. The quantity or size of the contents such as water and food depends on how many days you’re estimating.

  • Water pouches or bottles with long shelf life
  • High-calorie, long shelf life food bars or packets
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Solar blanket
  • Swiss Army Knife or comparable knife
  • Map and compass
  • Lighter and waterproof matches or flint
  • Pack of antibacterial wipes

Some multi-tools are self-made, depending on what the user needs the most. Swiss precision machining is often used to create pocket tools with exact measurements and high tensile strength. If you’re a technical person, you may want to try designing your own multi-tools. You may also ask a professional to do it for you. There are also those who offer customization of Swiss Army knives to fit the user’s purposes.

What you should have on your person at all times

Some survival gear, such as a Swiss Army Knife, can fit in your pocket all the time. Other items include keys (car and house), wallet with cash and credit card, a penlight with batteries, a tactical pen (that can break glass or for self-defense), and a paracord bracelet.

Survival gear is not just for doomsday preppers; it’s for everyone who wants to be ready for anything. You can hang your bug-out bag where you can grab it in a moment’s notice, or keep it in the trunk of your car. It always pays to be ready all the time.