A Different Kind of Roof


roofingFor most of us, roofs come typically in either flat or slanted configuration. In looking at some of the well-known structures around the world, you will notice that some of them have domes instead of flat roofing. What if we adopt the dome and place it in today’s modern buildings?

The Curved Roof

While having a dome on modern structures is not something to write home about, it is definitely something that you will not find in residential structures. This is because domes can affect the structural soundness of a house. The best bet on incorporating dome-like roofing is to go for radius roofing.

Defining Radius Roofing

Radius roofing, also known as curved roofs or shell roofs, imparts the beauty of the dome roof minus the heaviness that it creates. This is because most curved roofs consist of lighter materials such as metal sheets. While most people look at having a curved roof as something done for aesthetic purposes, it is practical when it comes to drawing water away from the home. In fact, experts from roofing companies like Cypress Metals agree that having a curved roof eliminates worries about leaks.

The Secrets of The Roof

Installing a curved roof is no different from mounting other ordinary roofs. Most curved roofs come pre-fabricated into a specific shape long before the contractor installs them. While the general shape of a curved roof is the same, there are certain variables in the design. Tight curves allow more headroom, while gently tapering curves blends better with the walls.

Due to the shape of a curved roof, it also distributes the load unlike a regular flat or slanting roof. This makes it easier for a home builder to put a larger space between the roof and the floor. Owners or contractors can also place additional weight onto the roof without worry of caving in, or the roof’s inability to support such a load.

A domed roof is a perfect way to add aesthetic value to a home. It is not just eye-candy, though; it also confers functional advantages in contrast to a run-of-the-mill roof.