Dental Implants in Birmingham: Transforming Old Age

all white, 3D model of dental implant in lower jaw

The inevitable process of ageing can be depressing: recognising that the body doesn’t move as quickly or as well as it used to, and that it takes much longer to heal and recover from illness. Some parts are even lost altogether, and teeth are no exception here. Needing one arch or a full set of teeth replaced with dentures is something many seniors have to come to terms with.

But, with modern dental technology, this doesn’t mean what it used to. Seniors are no longer consigned to a lifetime of soft foods and gummy smiles before bedtime. In Birmingham, dental implants are giving older patients a new lease of life and restoring tooth function they thought lost forever. Many dental practices in the city, such as Sutton Implant Clinic, offer dentures stabilised with dental implants.

What are dental implants in Birmingham?

These tiny, titanium miracles are screws or posts that fit directly into the jawbone. The implant replaces the lost tooth root, and in doing so, helps to sure up the jawbone and prevent it from sagging. The reason titanium is so miraculous is that it is biocompatible. This means that the body views it as natural tissue and grows blood vessels and bone around it. Because of this unique quality, the implant post is fixed as securely in the jaw as a natural tooth. This means the wearer can eat whatever they want, and their teeth won’t slide around in their mouth.

How can they help with dentures?

Implants are incredibly versatile and can restore a single tooth or an entire set. To replace a full set of teeth with dental implants in Birmingham, only 4-6 implants are needed. The dentures are then fixed onto the implants, in a process known as denture stabilisation.

The patient can choose to either have their own dentures customised to fit onto the implants, or get a new set made. And, if they like taking their teeth out for a clean, they can still be removable, clipping on and off the implants as needed. Or, if they want to return to a natural tooth maintenance routine, the dentures can be permanently fixed in place.