Dangers of DIY and Back Door Whitening


TeethMany people will do anything to have whiter, brighter teeth. Due to the glorification of sparking smiles in media and celebrities’ Instagram profiles, they have become a fashion staple.

In some cases, the fascination can turn into an addiction, called “bleachorexia”.

Since professional whitening procedures can be costly, people will turn to the financial comfort of do-it-yourself and unlicensed whitening means. You can easily find them offered in beauty salons, but should you trust them?

Budget-friendly bleaching sessions may be too tempting to miss, but these illegal and unsafe whitening treatments are useless at best and harmful at worst.

If you want to have a whitening treatment done, HarleyStreetDentalClinic.co.uk recommends leaving it in the hands of a registered dentist.

The Dangers of illegal whitening

The alarming thing about these products is that they do whiten the teeth to some degree, leading people to continually use them.

Behind the white teeth, however, are unhealthy, over-sensitised teeth. Chlorine dioxide, a compound found in cheap bleachers and swimming pools, can eat away at the enamel, eroding and discolouring the tooth.

Some of these products use five times of the prescribed amount of carbamide peroxide, a compound generally used in professional whitening.

In other cases, the bleaching gel can leak and cause painful chemical burns, or the patient may fall ill if they swallow the bleaching product.

Other myths on teeth whitening

Many wrong beliefs surround whitening. For one, lemons were said to be effective agents against tooth discolouration and was used as a whitening home remedy. Many dentists have dispelled this rumour.

Too much application of the citric acid unleashes a corrosive effect enough to permanently damage the tooth. Likewise, the citric acid in strawberries reduces the strength of the teeth by up to 10%.

Dental care professionals advise against these DIY and backdoor remedies. The difference lies in the informed and proper application of the product, which salon treatments always get wrong.

Adhering to protocols, coupled with state-of-the-art laser technology, dentists and dental hygienists provide safer and more reliable whitening solutions.