Custom Poly Bags: Storage Design Suggestions For Space-Saving Bags

Storage Problems

Storage ProblemsOrganizing in small spaces can be an ordeal. Thankfully, there are simple and available solutions to that problem and it does involve poly bags

Here are some custom poly bag items that can be sold to your clients.

Off the Wall

Rutan Poly Industries, Inc. says that a hanging poly bag is perfect for finding those small items that keep getting mixed up. Create easy-to-access poly seed bags for garden or a jeweler divider that organizes small items right behind the bedroom door. Customize them with hooks easy hanging. You can also use suction cups for clients who don’t want to drill holes into their walls.

From the Ceiling

Poly bags are also quite sturdy and can be attached from above. Get a bag designed like a lantern with three or more sides. They can be used for hanging plants like ferns, Pothos, or Bromeliads. These models can also be used to store more other personal effects like notebooks, art supplies and medicine bottles. You can choose to customize sizes and even use custom printed or labeled poly bags for better organization options.

Beside the Table

Small space living means using as much table surface freely. You can have a poly bag custom made to be similar to your wall-attached ones but have pouches deep enough for longer items like utensils, condiments, and magazines. It’s not just at the dinner table either, since it can also be use for the kitchen table or the workshop area.

In the Bag

Big canvas bags can become options for portable organizer. This is perfect for travelers that need a little more organization in their lives. A stitched poly bag modeled to fit inside any standard travelling bag works wonders with clutter. Or maybe a small poly pouch that can be hung inside backpacks so there’s space for spare change, keys and other small items.

With the use of small spaces in unique ways, even compact homes can still hold bigger, more expansive items and furnishings provided you have the right storage area. Keep this in mind when you sell your poly bag items to your customers.