Curb Appeal: Revitalizing Your House’s Exterior Appearance

House ExteriorYour house exterior is the first thing people will see. It should look pleasing at all times. Admittedly, this isn’t an easy thing to do. Apart from it being the most exposed part of the house, there are only a few options that increase curb appeal.

Or so you think. Other than applying a fresh coat of paint, there are many ways to improve your house’s exterior.

Your House’s Exterior

Take a look at your house and you’ll see that it’s more than just a wall or some windows. It also includes other elements, such as the doors, and even the front lawn or porch.

If your goal is to revitalize your house’s exterior, start by looking at how you can improve each of the "main" elements; namely, the front door, wall, and windows. Your home’s front door is one of the main things that catch attention. It’s what "welcomes" you and other people to your home, after all.

If you have a plain-colored door, consider replacing it with a more colorful one. It makes your home’s façade look brighter in general, especially if the wall is neutral or warm colored. There are tons of front doors in bright colors for sale; it’s just a matter of finding the right one that matches your exterior wall well. The same principle applies to windows.

As for the actual façade, the most affordable way to revitalize it is to simply give it a fresh coat of paint. While it’s tempting to paint it a completely different color, think about the style of your home. You can’t, for example, paint your home a loud color if it’s a Mediterranean or Colonial-style home.

Beyond the Wall

Another way to improve your home’s frontage is to add or improve the other set pieces. These include things like decorations on your porch, your actual porch, and your home’s front lawn. Even adding a few potted plants in strategic places can increase the house’s curb appeal.

Finally, there’s no better way than to simply clean and maintain the exterior. Sweeping away dead leaves and debris, trimming your lawn, and doing general maintenance can do wonders.

Revitalizing your home’s exterior isn’t difficult, and you don’t need to be proficient in design to do so. Take a good look at your house and assess each exterior element, and you’ll find it easy.