Concrete Reinforcing: Addressing Compressive and Tensile Strengths


As a specialised concrete builder, you know that concrete has high compressive but weak tensile strengths. It is, thus, important that you use reinforcing mesh panels alongside other products from suppliers like to improve concrete’s tensile strength.

Compressive Strength

It is the sand and rocks in the concrete mix that attributes to the high compressive strength. That means that concrete can bear heavy weights comfortably. The higher the number of rocks you use and the harder they are, the higher the concrete’s compressive strength is.

Tensile Strength

Ideally, when determining a material’s tensile strength, you must consider its property to adhere to strength. When forming concrete, cement acts as the adhesive to keep the components together. However, cement is easy to pull apart even after the successful curing of concrete. Without the right expansion joints, cement may crack after the ground underneath the slab expands and contracts over time.


One of the solutions to increase tensile strengths is to use a reinforcing mesh. By itself, the mesh is flaccid, but when encased in concrete, the two components serve to increase concrete’s tensile strength. The slab will distribute any pressure from the tensile weight throughout the mesh.

Reinforcing Caging and Rebars

Laying single rebars gives concrete the strength to sustain changes in the ground below. When you need extra strength, you can choose to use more and larger rebars. Also, doubling the rebar using a reinforcing cage will further increase the strength of concrete slabs. The reinforcing will increase the cost, but the caged slabs can withstand more weight.

It is crucial that you understand the weakness and strength of concrete in various applications. Using concrete reinforcing mesh panels could be one of the most significant differences between a stable concrete structure and a cracked one. Besides the knowledge, you should use the right reinforcing materials in your concrete job for a successful project.