Cold Wars: Fighting the Cold Inside Your Home

Home in Utah

Home in UtahAlthough you swear that your heater is in great working condition, there’s always that one room or space in your house that you can’t seem to cool down—either that or you really need professional heater repair as soon as possible. In any case, here are some of the most common heating issues and what you can do to resolve them.

Easy Heating Fixes
  • Your heating register is insufficiently opened or closed altogether. Simply adjust or open your heat registers.
  • Your filthy furnace filter hindering proper air flow. Clean or change the filter.
  • Your drapes, furniture, or carpets are blocking heated air coming from the heating register. Rearrange whatever is blocking your heat register.
  • Extra filthy heating ducts. Either vacuum the ducts yourself, or have a professional technician do the work for you.
  • Doors and windows are draft or leaky. Properly seal, caulk, or weatherstrip all air leaks and consider installing storm doors or windows.
  • Your thermostat is placed in a section of your home that gets hot rather quickly. You can move your thermostat or decrease the opening of the heat register so that it won’t get hot easily.
  • Improperly functioning or adjusted thermostat. You should troubleshoot your thermostat, of adjust it, and if these fail, replace it.
Difficult Heating Fixes
  • High ceilings are bringing down the heat. Consider using a reversible ceiling fan for better air circulation.
  • Insufficient roofing vents along the eaves. Consider installing ventilation chutes and soffits to help in proper air circulation.
  • Insufficient wall, attic, or roof insulation. Have adequate insulation installed and consider adding supplemental heat, like electric heat for example.
  • Unheated crawl spaces, basement or garage and un-insulated floor. Have your floor insulated and consider adding supplemental heat.
More Complex Heating Fixes

One example is if there’s insufficient return of cold air by the heating system. Have a professional heating repair technician, such as, inspect your HVAC system and consider adding louvers or shortening doors in rooms that don’t have return ductwork to aid with proper air circulation.

Last is poor duct design and sizing. Have supplemental registers or ducts installed and consider adding supplemental heat sources.