Choosing the Quality of Wood For Home Finishing

Home ExteriorMany homeowners prefer low-cost wood products to finish all the necessary parts of the house that require wood such as walls and flooring. Low-cost wood products such as laminated woods can save some penny, but would not give the same durability and quality as to real wood products.

The Confusion on Durability

Real wood products such as hardwood cost more than those laminated, but it doesn’t generally show that laminated and engineered floors are inferior and a bad choice. Hardwood products have its pros and cons as well as the laminated ones. The durability and price of wood products depend on the manufacturer, some laminated woods are sometimes better than hardwood and some would prefer the hardwood over the laminated.

It really requires a keen eye and taste in choosing the best option for your wood works in the house as its promise of durability and life span is deceiving.

Pros and Cons

Hardwood may cost a bit higher than laminated ones, but it promises long life and durability over time. These are commonly made from oak trees, maple trees, and hickory. Even though hardwood may give a longer life span for floors and walls, it requires regular maintenance as compared to laminated floors. Hardwood may need to be waxed and polished to maintain the clean and shiny look. It can be easily punctured by stilettos and more prone to scratches that is why floors of this wood need to be used with caution.

Laminated ones for floors can be good as it is resistant to scratches and can be easily cleaned and maintained through simple brooms and wipes, but may crack if the water from cleaning seeps through wood pieces. Some brands can be used in semi-moist areas of the house, so water issues are not a problem. Laminated ones are also easy to install because these are made with click and lock design to fit just like a puzzle, but sometimes hard to place if the pieces are not the same.

Real wood products have a certain design and colors to choose from while laminated ones offer many options of designs. One just needs to be very choosy to really find the right wood products for their homes.