Choosing Between Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems

Hot Water System

Hot Water SystemAny modern home needs to have some form of water heating system. Be it for a hot shower or a steady flow of early morning piping hot coffee, hot water systems are a necessity.

There are several types of hot water systems. Depending on where you are and the prevailing source of energy, hot water systems can be in the form of solar-powered systems, electric-driven systems, natural gas-powered systems and even geyser hot water systems.

Gas and Electric Powered Hot Water Systems

The two most commonly used hot water systems are gas and electric. Choosing between the two boils down to performance, efficiency and overall costs, which include purchase, installation and operation.

Their major difference is in the source of the heating element. Electric hot water tanks, Rhino Water Systems explains, utilise electric resistance coils to heat the water; gas-powered systems use the heat produced from burning fuel. The advantages of one over the other is anchored on this difference.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas-powered water heaters are fuelled by natural gas and should be excellent if your home is already connected to one. One major advantage of gas systems is that you have a steady supply of hot water anytime. This is because it is not dependent on electric power to run. The recovery rate is also greater compared to electric heaters. This simply means you get a fresh supply of hot water after emptying the tank much faster.

One downside to gas systems is that it costs significantly more to purchase. However, the operating costs will be significantly lower compared to electric water heaters. In the long run, it is still cost-effective. The major drawback is its low energy efficiency as heat tends to dissipate much faster.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric water heating systems are inexpensive and easy to install. However, long term operational costs can cost more compared to other types of water heating systems. This is especially true if the cost of electricity rises. Furthermore, you won’t have any hot water should there be a power failure. But it is still highly energy efficient.

Choosing between gas- and electric- powered hot water systems depends on what matters to you. If your concern is energy efficiency, go for electric. If you require all-day hot water supply and savings in the long run, then go for gas.