Why You Should Choose Timber Fences Over Colorbond Fences

colorbond fences

colorbond fencesWhen it comes to fences, choosing between a timber fence and a colorbond fence is challenging. Unless you live in an area where policies indicate a specific type of fence, the construction of either of the fences depends on your needs. With the appropriate raw materials and proper construction procedure, timber and colorbond fences are cost-effective fencing measures that can withstand extreme weather conditions throughout the year.

Here is how you can choose between installing timber and colorbond fences:

Quality Materials

According to Amazing Fencing, the right quality of materials used in the construction of fences can extend their life for seven or more years. When it comes to constructing a paling fence, reputable fence companies utilize hardwood or red gum posts. They bury them to a depth of 600 mm, and set them with at least one bag of concrete per post. With a few contractors who use only a single bag of concrete for at least three posts, you should monitor the construction and even the other aspects of the installation.

The rails for the paling fence are basically rough, sawn treated pine and have a thickness of at least seventy five millimetres by fifty millimetres; builders use them for three rails of the fence. Interestingly, fence builders usually use a smaller rail located in the centre to cut expenses. This can make your fence weaker, though.

Colorbond or Treated Timber

Timber Fences

  • They are made out of natural products, making your fence environment-friendly.
  • The weak point of the timber fence is in the post. You can solve this problem by removing timber from the ground and then replacing it with galvanized square steel posts. With a concrete footing, termites cannot enter and travel within the steel post.
  • Timber may be damaged over time, but you can preserve it with oil, making it resistant to rotting.
  • They have a tendency for getting root damage and acquiring termite and white ant infestations.

Colorbond Fences

  • They are a bit more expensive than timber fences, but they add aesthetic value to your property.
  • They are prone to bending during strong winds; steel fences can accumulate rust.
  • To upkeep the color of the fences, they need regular maintenance and repainting. This may cost you a lot of money, especially if the fence needs major repairs.

Proper installation and maintenance are the factors that determine the durability and efficiency of your fences. Just make sure that you keep an eye during the construction and installation to avoid faulty areas and pricey repairs.