The Career Paths: Where Associate Degree Holders Can Go

legal profession

legal professionMany people prefer taking an associate degree over a bachelor’s degree for the shorter time it takes to complete it. But many still wonder where they can go once they finally obtain it. If you’re one of these people, check out these three ideal career paths for associate degree holders:

The Legal Profession

The legal profession has always been one of the most attractive career paths. This concept applies to associate degree holders, too. The Center for Legal Studies says the sector leads to different career opportunities over time. Starting out as a paralegal, for one, can propel your career further into the field or help you shift into another path in the future.

Moreover, it could be your stepping stone towards a law degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published data that forecast a much greater demand for lawyer jobs by 2016, so it’s definitely a good idea to venture into the legal field now.

The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare sector is also an ideal go-to field. Many jobs in this industry often make the cut in some of best jobs in the United States. Add the decent salary you can get and you have a truly attractive option for your associate degree. Nurses, dental hygienists, and therapists are good jump-off points for this sector.

The IT Sector

The rapid growth of the IT sector in the past few years is proof of its sustainability in the future. The more we depend on computers, the more we create jobs in the industry. As such, it’s also a great idea to venture into the IT sector – and you can do that with an associate degree. Certifications and experience are enough to land you a spot in the field for a programming job.

These three industries are proof enough that an associate degree can launch a fruitful career. With these career paths, you can work your way to success and fulfillment.