Career Choices People Still Make: Unchanged in 2016

Career Choice

Career Choice in AucklandAdults hold the greatest decisions they have to make for their life. One is choosing a career worth living. Knowing how to achieve their dream career comes next. 

This is when recruitment agencies come in by answering whether you are making the right choice or not. But, what really are the career choices people from different generations make? The following categories might be one of your dilemmas and career choices, too.

Choosing Stability over Money

We all know that when we reach 30, getting the chance to be hired is tough. That is why as early as 20, people already seek for a stable job such as landing in government offices, small companies, and computer-assisted jobs. Though salary is not that high, employees choose to remain in these companies and get to love their job no matter how bored they are sometimes. They still get benefits and are more tolerant of taxes, because they know that their future is safe and secure.

Landing into High-Paying Jobs versus Time

Many applicants aim to work in big companies not knowing what the consequences are. They float their resumes and CVs only in top companies because of the high salary and benefits, which they think could make them successful.

But, of course, working in companies like those calls for certain sacrifices in time and effort. Most people still want to be ‘in’, however, and accept the challenge. They hold a very strong mantra that makes them survive in this workplace.

Turning into a Life-Changing Career

Many people may have settled for money and stability, but a lot still choose to explore their hidden talents by leaving their workplace, even their country. Some people say that when you get out of your comfort zone, you get to know yourself and other people more.

That is why many people apply for travel careers, which may or may not be far from their skills and past experiences. Travel careers give people lots of opportunities to know different cultures, learn a new language, and up their confidence game. If you have knowledge of English, you can teach foreigners survival English; if you wish to travel for free, apply as a flight attendant. It might be a great leap for your career and a big risk, but it will definitely lead you to life contentment, which you will read next.

Following Passion

Choosing passion over money is still a big fight that most of us have to win over. But, creative people attest that choosing passion is worth winning the battle. Some of them are just freelancers, but they are satisfied with what they do because they get to reflect who they really are.

Teachers, for instance, don’t need to be born artists as long as they can insert creative ideas in teaching. Seeing their students engaging themselves in the lesson is the best reward a teacher can get. Hairstyling, on the other hand, may seem like a tiring job as it affects posture, but hairstylists don’t actually see it as a problem. Successfully transforming someone into a different person enriches their confidence in this job. Like what they always say, if you love what you do, and are contented with its simplicity, then it is the right career for you.

Everyone has their career choices and different goals. So, if you are scared to fail, weigh things before making the final decision. It is always best to think things over.