Caravan Technology in Australia: Taking a Turn for the Better with Advanced Technology

Family CaravanAs years go by, innovations increase. What if your favourite hobby is integrated into the overall system? Now, wouldn’t that be awesome?

If you’re an outgoing family who loves to travel, then surely caravanning is an annual affair for you. Resort Brokers Australia shares that this year, caravanning technology will take a turn for the better and the advancements are supposed to improve the overall travel experience. So, what kind of technology does the market have for us this 2016?

Battery Efficiency

Compared to conventional batteries used to power caravans, lithium-iron phosphate batteries, which are lighter, more efficient and longer lasting, have been developed. It’s a total upgrade because you don’t have to completely recharge the batteries for them to deliver optimal performance. They can perform with 90% efficiency even with a partial charge.

Caravans Made with Lighter Components

Looking to buy a new caravan? The market now has lightweight caravans that offer lower fuel consumption, easier manoeuvring and compatibility with a larger range of towing vehicles.

Popular materials used in these lighter caravans have aluminium frames and fibreglass body panels mounted on Duragal or hot-dipped galvanised chassis. These not only reduce battery weight but also enhance durability.

There are also manufacturers who use Alucabond cladding, composed of polyethylene sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium composites.

Water Filtration

Drinking water is a struggle to find at times, but now caravans equipped with a water filtering system have become more adept, regardless of its water source.

Compact Sizes

If you’ve been looking for smaller caravans for a while, now’s the time to rejoice, as there are compact caravans in the market. One of the options available is the teardrop trailer. These, in particular, are great for families who are just starting in the caravanning scene.

If you’re wondering about where to find more of these, try going to a Caravan and Camping Expo next time, as these exhibit the best and the latest on the market.