Can Home Design Go Back to the Stone Age?

Stone Age Home Design

Stone Age Home DesignShopping around for materials for their new properties is always an important part of moving in or flipping a house. This choice influences the entire theme, feel, and durability of a home, which are all elements that go into calculating its resale value.

Woods are currently the most popular choice at the moment because of the variety and how easy it was to craft into walls and flooring. But, with all the properties that have wooden interiors, the material may be wearing out its welcome. Does this give other materials, like stone, an edge into the market?

Stone might not have the same advantages as wood does, but they’re not the same material and it has its own collection of benefits. The most notable (and easiest to sell) of these is durability and strength. Not even the strongest oak can hope to compete against stone in that specific arena.

Many people, however, see this strength as a liability, because it’s much harder to shape into the form people want. This is a bit of a weak basis to ignore stone, since no one expects homeowners to work the materials themselves. Contractors have specialists with years of experience with the material, and they, in turn, have suppliers like Stonegate that give them the tools that get the job done.

There’s also the argument that stone costs more than wood, which is supposed to make it less appealing than everything else. This makes no sense either because the added cost is, again, because of its durability. It’s an investment that guarantees the materials will last longer and can be resold for a higher value.

Wood fatigue might be a real thing that’s happening with prospective home buyers, and people in the stone business might want to inject themselves into the conversation while the window is still open.