Can Eating Fat Help You Lose Weight?

Weight problem

Are you trying to lose weight? Recent studies have shown that eating fat may actually help you on your journey to lose weight. The previous sentence may seem contradictory to you, but it is possible. A slimming centre in Singapore cites the possible ways how this new diet may enable you to become a fitter you.

Fat Displaces Carbs

Everything needs to add up to 100% when you compute for the macronutrient percentages of the food you eat. When you eat more of one nutrient, this means that you need to decrease the intake of another one. Many experts or long-time nutritionists cite that whatever your goal is, whether weight loss or performance, meeting your protein needs is atop the list of priorities. After meeting this, you adjust carbohydrate and fat intake.

Eating more fat means that you need to reduce carbs intake. When you want to lose weight, displacing carbohydrates and increasing fat in your diet creates the ideal fat-loss environment. A low-carb diet lowers overall insulin, allowing the body to access fat stores for energy and fuel for the muscles.

Enhances Body’s Ability to Burn Fat

Some experts agree that low-fat diets don’t make much sense because they fail to condition the body to become efficient at reducing fat. What this approach does is rev up the enzymes in burning carbs instead. Following such a program also lowers adiponectin, a fat-burning hormone that improves metabolism and the rate at which the body breaks down fat.

Makes You Want to Eat Less

Eating fats has hormonal and metabolic advantages, but one of its prime benefits is its ability to satiate hunger. A low-calorie diet may keep you hungry all the time, this is a long-standing problem of many programs because they deny you food. A high-fat diet gives you a sense of fullness, preventing you from indulging. This triggers the release of appetite-regulating hormones such as CCK and PYY.

These are some of the reasons to change your pre-conceived notions about fat and start eating a high-fat diet for your weight loss program.