Brakes and Wheels Shopping Guide

Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance Wheels and brakes are two important parts of your vehicle. Your car can only move with wheels, yet your car can only stop or slow down with the brakes. This is why it is important to take care of these two parts along with all the rest of your vehicle.

Shopping for Parts

Now, your wheels may burst, or your brakes may break. You may be wondering how to pick the right wheel or right brake for your car. Here’s a short guide to help you better understand both brakes and wheels. You will then know what to do when shopping for either one or both.

Buying Parts of the Brakes

For brakes, you can simply take note of the brakes in your car right now. Then think about what you want to add to your brakes. When shopping for breaks, you can upgrade your vehicle’s brake pads for better braking power. You can then improve your vehicle’s brake system, brake rotor and caliper as well.

Simply Replace or Upgrade?

When it comes to wheels, you have to consider a number of factors such as wheel size, according to the experts from AllStarTire. Again, if you are just looking for replacements, you can simply take note of what wheels your car has now and order for the same. However, you can improve your vehicle’s wheels.

Bigger, Wider

You can choose to have bigger wheels, but don’t fall for the common misconception that bigger wheels are better. Larger rims are more costly and can change the way your ride feels. Wider wheels, however, also allow for more traction, which is great for trucks and 4WDs.

Essential Wheel Measurements

Other details to consider in wheel shopping are the bolt pattern of your car’s wheels, the size of the wheel’s center bore, and back spacing size. Once you have these measurements, you can go on ahead and choose whatever wheel you like as long as they fit into the specifications your vehicle needs.