Best Tyre Practices: From Buying to Care and Maintenace

Tyres in PerthTyre replacement requires a sizable budget. Knowing what to buy, where to buy and how to care for it will make buying easier and cost-effective.

Type and Specifications

Tyres in Perth vary in types and sizes, not to mention brands. Will you be using your car for touring? Or are you driving a sports car? Do you use it for construction works? Or maybe you own a commercial vehicle?

The type of vehicle you own significantly influences the type of tyre you need. Conditions like seasons and on-road or off-road driving also affect your choice.


Size refers to these elements: width, aspect ratio and wheel diameter. The overall width is a three-digit number in millimetres. The aspect ratio is the relationship between the tyre’s height and weight. Its height is about 50% of its weight when the number next to the three-digit width is 50. A 16-wheel diameter means it can fit on a wheel with that size.

Load index and radial also contribute to strength, comfort and stability of your vehicle’s tyres. The former refers to the total weight your cost-efficient tyres can carry. It ranges from 0-279, each with corresponding maximum load in pounds. For instance, a Perth tyre with 74 load index can carry a maximum load of 827 lbs.

Care and Maintenance

Knowing the factors above is different from putting them into practice. There is more to observing such rules when it comes to care and maintenance.

Did you know that faulty brakes can cause damage? Tyres get damaged when it exceeds its internal heat capacity. The braking system is one source of it and overspeeding and cornering at high speed have these notable effects.

Underinflating and overinflating, as well as the positions of tyres, can also reduce its tread life. Those mounted on steer wheels have higher tyre life than those mounted on drive wheels.

There are ways to buy affordable, quality tyres. These include buying at a wholesaler, waiting for discount sales or buying online where you can compare the types without leaving home. While these are negotiable, the factors mentioned above are not. So before buying at a particular shop, know what you need.