Beneficial Features of Gooseneck Trailer

gooseneck trailer

gooseneck trailerAll trailers come with certain benefits and very useful characteristics, even stock versions. Trailer buyers, though, normally like to add accessories to their trailers that expand its characteristics and functional use. Most people find that these optional features add both monetary and utilitarian value to the truck.

Gooseneck trailers are no exception. So called because of its profile shape, the gooseneck trailers attach to the towing vehicle using a Class V hitch, the highest of its kind, which can pull up to 30,000 pounds.

Below is a description of the features of gooseneck trailers:

1. Gooseneck trailers have a higher turning radius than standard bumper-pull trailers. This is because this kind of trailer attaches via a hitch on the bed of the truck, not behind them.
2. Gooseneck trailers cost slightly more than standard trailers. Most trucks do not come with a gooseneck hitch, so purchasing this additional hardware accounts for the extra cost.
3. Goosenecks are perfect for transporting horses, even up to 18 hands or larger, because of its shape. Trailer fabricators usually design these trailers to be modular in this case to accommodate upgrades on the fly without having to purchase a new one.

Like all trailers, goosenecks are also upgradable. Some of these:

• Most trailers nowadays have air conditioning, which used to increase the rate of fuel consumption. Older trailers AC units can also affect the towing vehicle’s performance and speed. Today, however modern vehicles can overcome this problem.
• You can have added racks on the roof or on the exteriors of the vehicles to carry more equipment, tools, bikes, etc.
• Ladders and railings attach to the exterior. These come in handy while climbing and securing extra goods to the trailer’s external walls.
Gooseneck trailers have weather shields to protect against rain and snow. This is particularly useful if you have wooden objects like planks lashed outside the trailer.

Choose a gooseneck trailer if you need a heavy-duty RV. It pulls the greatest weight, turns well, and features one of the biggest interior space. This does not mean the gooseneck is the best trailer, though. It certainly is attractive, but other kinds of trailers fulfill different purposes. Choose one that best fits your need.