Being Nicotine-Free: What It Means for Your Body and Mind


SmokingNicotine dependence is not just about stained teeth and bad breath. It’s also about people shunning the cigarettes you smoke when you do so in public. Most importantly, it’s about what the nicotine is doing to your mind and body, as well as to your family’s health.

Read the fine print

You might have read a flyer or two enumerating the benefits of quitting smoking. Most of them say that you will enjoy fresher breath, a happier disposition, and better health overall. Many smokers do not fully appreciate the benefits of being nicotine-free until they realise that they breathe more deeply and more satisfyingly. They appreciate life without cigarettes when they experience how less they feel fatigued.

Perhaps you will appreciate the favourable changes in your body if you pay attention to the details. When you have your meals, food will start tasting like food again because you can smell and taste better. In less than half an hour after you smoke your last cigarette, your vital signs — body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure — will be “within normal limits.” In less than a month, a qualified physician may declare that your lung function has improved by as much as 30%. That means you breathe easier, and less carbon monoxide is in your blood. After a year or so of quitting, your risk of having a stroke, heart attack, and lung cancer will lower significantly.

Do it for yourself and for others

Every family member exposed to cigarette smoke has increased risk of acquiring various illnesses, including lung disease, heart condition, and cancer. When you stop spewing poisonous fumes, you are giving them back their health.

You may enroll in a program to stop your nicotine dependence — browse online for a facility near you. Some facilities have specialists who offer counseling along with personalised treatment methods. Some therapists may recommend tablets to stop smoking habits. It’s up to you; help is available for Australians who want to be nicotine-free.