Beautify and Protect Your Home with the Right Exterior Wall Colour


HouseWhilst you may not realise it, the exterior of your house says a lot about your home’s personality. You can help your house stand out along your street or in the neighbourhood, depending on the architectural details, exterior amenities and colours you choose. If you want to improve the exterior of your home, applying paint or exterior wall coatings can make a significant impact.

The right paint and colour can protect the exterior of your home and express your personal style. also suggests applying exterior wall coating to protect your paint and exterior structure.

Here is how you can create a statement and find the right exterior wall colour for your home:

Go for a Darker Hue

Paint colours usually appeal lighter on larger surfaces, especially when surrounded by strong and bold colours. This is why it is better to select darker hues from the colour cards or charts, so the result will meet your expectations. Dark colours also seem to blend in more with nature than brighter hues. You can also apply darker tones for trims to create a stylish exterior.

Consider Outdoor Elements

Existing exterior elements like the roof, chimney and driveway can play a role when determining colour choices. It is easy to add visual harmony by using a similar colour for one of the outdoor elements. If the exterior colours are bold and intense, you can choose a lighter or more neutral hue to bring balance. It is also a good idea to use nature or hues found around your home for colour selections.

Mind Your Home’s Style

Your exterior paint should feel right for your home’s architectural era. You can consult a professional to help you choose a paint scheme that feels appropriate. You may also choose a colour scheme that is compatible with similar houses in the neighbourhood, but do not imitate the palette completely. Put your own spin on the colour combinations.

Exterior paint is your home’s best protection against different weather elements. How long or how well the paint will do its job will depend on the type of paint and the quality of application. It is also best to use protective coatings that can provide weatherproofing and prevent the need for frequent exterior house painting.