Bathroom Regimens to Avoid Dry Skin

Woman wearing a bathrobe in the bathroom

Nobody wants rough, cracked skin, and dry skin can be a downer. Once it starts getting colder — your skin gets a little bit drier. However, you can take steps to limit — or even eliminate — the effects of dry skin before even leaving the shower.

Ditch Dry Soap

Get rid of your bar soap and switch to shower and bath gels. Most soaps have a pH level of 9 or 10 — that’s a bit high on alkali. Your skin has a pH level of 5 — it’s a little bit acidic. The alkali in your bar soap will strip your skin of the natural acid that protects it, making it more exposed to the elements. Shower and bath gels won’t do that. Gels are milder on the skin and instead of drying — they moisturize your skin.

Keep It Cool — or Maybe Slightly Warm

Don’t run it hot when you’re taking a shower. Hot water will strip the natural oil in your skin, leaving your skin drier and more vulnerable. Try to keep your showers short — you’ll be saving on water and also saving your skin.

Avoid the Astringents

Alcohol-based products will definitely dry your skin, so wash your face with a mild cleanser — maybe something with an added moisturizing effect. Avoid heavily-scented products because they may contain additional irritants or even use alcohol for the fragrance.

Use Moisturizers

After you dry down, start applying moisturizer. Most moisturizers will replenish your skin barriers and applying as soon as you finish showering will lock in the moisture in your body. Choose moisturizers with mineral oil, lanolin, and petrolatum. These ingredients seal in water inside your skin and keep it smooth.

Winter is coming, and with it comes dry skin problems. Practice these simple regimen, and you can stave off dry skin even before leaving the bathroom.