Bald is Dangerous – When It’s Your Tyres We are Talking About

Tyre Problems in Australia

Tyre Problems in AustraliaMany people do not have any idea as to how dangerous it is to drive on worn tyres. The saying ‘bald is beautiful’ does not apply to vehicles, especially when you share the road with thousands of other vehicles. Bald tyres considerably increase your risks of involvement in a crash, which go up even more during inclement weather, according to the experts from RICHARD’S TYREPOWER.

Knowing how worn or bad tyres can endanger your life will help you understand the importance of getting rid of your old ones and replacing them.

What a Bad Tyre Really is

Tread is the part of a tyre which makes contact with the road. Over time, with constant use, this wears down. Once it has completely worn down to the area known as wear bars, it is already a bald tyre. A vehicle running on bald tyres should have new tyres fitted as soon as possible, or you run the risk of getting into an accident that will threaten not only your safety and security but of those you share the roads with as well.

Tyre Failure from Heat Build-Up

With worn tyres, air has less space to flow properly in between the tread grooves, making it harder to cool down the tyres. As a result, they heat up. Heat and tyre rubber do not go well together, as it is one of the primary causes of failure.

Quick to Puncture

Tread protect new tyres. In bald tyres, the tread is no longer of the safe thickness, which means any sharp object can easily puncture the tyre. A puncture can cause a sudden blowout that may lead to losing of steering, and ultimately, an accident.

Increased Risk of Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning happens when tyres skate across wet surfaces. This is extremely dangerous, as it can cause your vehicle to careen off the road. Worst, it can happen to tyres that still have as much as 5/32nds of an inch of the tyre tread.

Although getting new tyres in Perth for your ride will cost you money, this expense is truly worth it, especially since it is your safety on the line.