Aussie’s Present Storm Water Management Hails down Volume of Concerns

Australia’s present storm water management is about to overflow from its current state. notes if you consider how many people move into Australian cities each year, in the next 50 years, the population will be overwhelming.

Storm Water ManagementWhile the increase of inhabitants is a good sign for the economy, the resources might not keep up with the demand.

The Sourceable reports, ‘With the population of cities such as Brisbane and Melbourne expected to double by 2061, many of our strategies with regard to how we manage our urban environment will have to change going forward’.

The Toll of Opportunities to Environment

In light of the fast-paced growth of Australia are inevitable challenges such as storm water management. Like any other urbanisation issues, the higher the development plans, the greater impact it has on the development. Therefore, the Government needs to find a way to sustainably usher its development without destroying itself.

Expert Insights

At a glance, there’s not much difference between the growth in Australia and China. But, considering the almost stale urban engineering in many Australian cities, it obviously has a long way to go. Rod Wiese, a principal stormwater engineer states that ‘the growth in population will mean a greater intensification of development within established urban areas and increased levels of sprawl in growth areas’.

Unless the Government unites on reforms that will balance out the expected influx of residents, there will be problems waiting. ‘Both of these will precipitate more impervious surfaces which in turn will see more runoff and will put greater pressure on both existing systems in established urban environments and receiving catchments in growth areas’ he added.

A Responsive Approach

Instead of simply pushing forward for more developments in terms of building concrete drainage, the government will need to actively employ a proactive approach to stormwater catchment mechanics.

The key to preparing for a foreseeable conclusion is through a series of well-conceived trial and error processes. Right now, the Government needs to start implementing prototype studies on the possible ways to help keep Australian cities afloat.

The key to preparing well for a foreseeable conclusion is through a series of well-conceived trial and error process. Right now, the Government should start to implement prototype studies on the possible ways they do to help keep Australian cities afloat.