An Unsafe Working Environment Can Ruin Your Farming Business

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You would probably not believe it, but farming ranks among the most dangerous jobs in Australia. Studies show that the agricultural sector places third after the transport and mining industries in terms of work-related deaths and injuries.

Back injuries, fractures and cuts are the most prevalent injuries in farms despite being easy to avoid. Use of equipment, such as agricultural ladders from, can drastically change the safety level on your farm and keep your workers safe.

On average, there are about 600 severe injuries for every 1,000 farms, which require hospital admission. It is in your best interest to eliminate such injuries as it takes a toll on your operations, costs and profits.

Increased Cost of Operation

Agricultural injuries in the country cost the farming sector up to a billion dollars in losses and compensation. In addition to the pain and suffering that results on the part of the injured worker, your finances can take a beating. Tough economic times mean maintaining a lean and efficient staff.

An injury taking one or several workers out of commission means you’ll fall behind on time-sensitive tasks. Again, you will have to cater to the medical care and rehabilitation of the injured workers, which can amount to a significant cost. Moreover, severe injuries could open you up to legal suits.

Lowered Quality of Products

Your clients have certain expectations of you, and they hold you to these standards every time they place an order. Your ability to inspire customer loyalty lies in your ability to live up to these expectations. Your farm workers are instrumental in helping you to achieve this feat.

One wrong step, such as a delay in harvesting, can lead an entire crop to go to waste or to decline in quality. That would mean that you can’t meet your orders and might have to disappoint your clients. Do this one time too many, and your clients are likely to jump ship.

An unsafe working environment in the farming sector can prove ruinous and an expensive business mistake. It can lead you to incur hefty losses and damage your reputation.