An Efficient Laboratory Greatly Contributes to Patients’ Well-Being

Data Management SystemLaboratory test results play a vital role in the doctor’s decision on whether to write you a prescription for a drug or advise you to be admitted to the hospital for strict monitoring and treatment.

Imagine yourself feeling a bit giddy one afternoon and so you decide to go to your doctor’s office. While there, the doctor’s assistant pulls out her clipboard and starts asking you questions about your name, age, health issues, medication, and more. When it’s time for the doctor to check you, he read the notes written by his assistant, asks some more questions, checks your pulse and heart then says you’re fine, perhaps just a bit fatigued. So, you go home and just when you are about to open the fridge to get some water, what felt like a rushing train slammed hard on your chest. You can die.

A Likely Scenario

While the scene described is only an example, you might be surprised that it has happened many times in various places across the United States. Patients who complain some discomfort who are told it’s nothing because based on tests conducted by the attending physician your vitals are at normal levels. This prognosis may be on track except for one thing, your records sing a different tune. Evaluation of previous tests is needed in order to make a proper diagnosis and decide on the best treatment.

Efficient Laboratory Recording

If you undergo regular checkups, there’s a good chance that your doctor may have ordered a series of laboratory tests. The results of these tests are often stored in laboratory data management system where, aside from storing your data, it performs cross-referencing and checks whether your results are within a reference range. Since many of these laboratory management systems are now based on the cloud, doctors, and even you under U.S. Department of Health and Human Services rules, can immediately check the results by simply logging in and viewing the result.

In the scenario presented above, the doctor’s findings would have been different if there are readily available records that he can access to see if your symptoms are warning signals of an incoming attack. An expert from explains that an online laboratory test record keeping system would be very beneficial in such a case. Results of those lab tests could assist doctors in determining the cause of your symptoms. So the next time you undergo a checkup and laboratory tests, it might be helpful if you ask if the test results are saved online and if you could access them yourself just in case.