Alternatives to Traditional Orthodontics: Why Invisible Braces are the Clear Choice

clear braces

clear bracesWho does not have dreams of having perfectly aligned teeth perfect for the magazine covers? Thanks to the many cosmetic procedures available, you are no longer confined to your dreams; there is no excuse not to improve your smile. Wearing braces is the best way to properly align your teeth, but traditional orthodontics can be difficult and awkward on your teeth.

Good thing there is now a better alternative. Invisible Braces Manchester breaks down some of the reasons to choose invisible braces over metal ones.

Better Appearance

Metal braces can make your mouth look unattractive, and this is an issue for teens everywhere. The bulkiness of the brackets and wires can also interfere with your gorgeous smile, and many complain of food getting stuck. All of these are little inconveniences that really go a long way when you think about it.

More Comfortable

Aside from being hidden, invisible braces are also removable. This automatically becomes more comfortable than having metal braces that are stuck in place on your teeth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With invisible aligners, you can improve the alignment of your teeth and still eat whenever you want to. What can be more comfortable than that?

Improved Safety

Wearing metal braces is not only inconvenient; it can also damage your teeth and gums. The wire and bulging bits of metal can scratch and puncture the insides of your gums and mouth. They can also affect demineralisation and crumbling teeth. Choose clear braces instead, as they do not have protruding or sharp edges. With invisible aligners, you do longer have to deal with damages, and there is less likelihood for cavities and gum diseases.

Faster Treatment

While metal braces can last for as long as five years, the treatment period for invisible braces take only a year to a year and a half, depending on the severity of misalignment. This means you can flaunt your aligned teeth and better looking smile in no time.

Overall, having invisible braces simply is the better and more effective way to a more aligned set of teeth. Ask your dentist about it today to be on your way to restoring confidence in yourself through a beautiful smile.