Alternative No More: Natural Medicine Backed by Science


medicineModern medicine has not always seen eye to eye with alternative medicine. This is because doctors trust the drugs and surgical techniques. They naturally turn to such remedies because it’s what they know.

Support for Science

Alternative medicine, however, is gaining ground. More and more people use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) like herbal supplements when it comes to illnesses, diseases, and even for general health. Because of this, scientific research started to explore the strengths of CAM. Doctors are also slowly learning to suggest using CAM to their patients.

Science yields results about such medicines. When you trust the research, you can trust the medicine as well. Here are some science-approved all-natural medicines for you.

Cholesterol Fighter

A recent research showed that citrus bergamot may be good for lowering cholesterol levels. The problem was that existing drugs have unpleasant side effects. Citrus bergamot was able to lower cholesterol and exhibit only minimal side effects. Experts want to confirm the findings using other independent studies, however.

Good for the Blood

Another scientifically proven remedy is the hawthorn plant. Clinical studies found that hawthorn serves as an effective cardiotonic. This means it helps in blood circulation, blood pressure, and other circulatory system issues.

Other Natural Remedies

Other research-backed medicines include ginger. It’s been proven to be a good solution for motion sickness. During the early stages of a pregnancy, pregnant women can also take ginger to treat morning sickness. American ginseng, Chinese bitter gourd, and green tea also exhibited possible positive effects on lowering blood sugar levels.

There are many other scientific studies done to reveal the possible effects of natural medicines. These have yielded positive results so far and soon you may find more CAM on supermarket shelves. Before taking any kind of CAM, however, search online to know what good effects your chosen medicine may give you.