Aftercare for Dental Prosthesis: What to Do


DentistDental procedures are not the easiest thing for some people. Thus, can you imagine what sorts of things run around their heads if they are expecting to have a new tooth ‘installed’ for them? It is tricky to get over that thought, though it may help thinking that the procedure will finish under an hour.

Nonetheless, as David Madruga says, dentists perform operations under local anaesthetic or conscious sedation. These help calm individuals about their odontophobia, or fear of dental surgery, and for dentists to go through the operation without much fuss. There remains the post-procedure stuff, but with some assistance, patients can handle issues with ease.

Pain Relief

Most patients, if not all, will have to deal with pain after a tooth replacement. The act of drilling causes that kind of trauma to the gums and even more, the perforation has to reach the bone to consider it a success. If you ever had any part of your body punctured, add the bone into the equation. Furthermore, in dental prosthesis, the pain concentrates around a small and sensitive area. Everyone is bound to suffer from this, no matter how much you are used to pain.

One of the immediate painful concerns you will experience is swelling. Apart from that, you really have to protect that part of your head from collision, you must ensure it does not swell like a tomato. Ice packs are the universal solution, but contrary to public knowledge, it only works for 24 hours after the surgery. Afterwards, moist heat is required to reduce the size of the swelling.

As for the bleeding, some are completely normal after a surgery. But if you really want to limit how much blood comes out of you, sit upright and do not become overly excited when your team scores in the dying minutes. If the bleeding continues, wiping old clots and placing new gauze pad helps. You can even use used tea bags to reduce the outflow.

Temporary Limitations

Do not subject your mouth to regular activities early in the recovery period. You are inviting yourself to the dentist’s clinic if you eat anything that needs chewing so soon. Stick to soups and tea for the mean time, and steer away from tobacco. Whether you chew or smoke it, keep it in the cupboard until your teeth is fully healed.

Tooth replacement, overall, is a minor dental surgery. Thus, no matter how bad you think it is, you will survive it and its post-operation struggles.