Advertising the Pay-Per-Click Way

PPC Marketing

PPC MarketingAs a business owner, do you still advertise the traditional way? With pamphlets, brochures and all? Well, the answer may be a yes or a no. It depends on your goals, right?

One thing you can’t deny though is the presence of modern ways to advertise. And its power to reach thousands of targeted audience, and make your much-desired conversion in no time.

One popular way to advertise online is pay-per-click. Ad management gurus from Disruptive Advertising explain this below.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

PPC is a form of paid advertising where you get billed for every click. It can be a text, an image or an image with a text. Those found in the first pages of search engines are its earliest examples. For instance, Google’s AdWords has an ad label in a small green box. This feature extends to YouTube. Microsoft also now has AdCenter and Facebook with Facebook ads.

Among its advantages are the following:

  • Demographic-based. You can track the number of clicks, place of origin, age, and orientation. New PPC ad forms let you control it through audience customization options.
  • Time-bound. It can reach a number of people in a particular time. You’ll have info on the number of people reached, clicks, and engagements within the time set.
  • Daily Budget. You can set the daily budget from the options available. The longer your ad runs, the cheaper it gets.

The bottom line is you keep track of clicks and their behavior. Many of those clicks drive traffic, but do they translate to sales? You would want those that drive traffic and convert.

You can target them through running two different ads on the same time. This is to split-test which gets the best click through every time. Guidance from experts can help direct your online ad management on the right course.