Advantages of Lathe Static Tools


latheA lathe is a machine tool that rotates a given work piece along a certain axis and ideal in functions such as cutting, drilling, sanding, turning and facing. Using a lathe, you can create different types of objects with perfect symmetry around the axis of rotation.

The lathe tool comes in handy, especially in a number of industries including carpentry, metal spinning, thermal spraying, and glass-working.

Lathe tool offers a number of benefits to the woodworking, metal, and the glass industry.

In the woodworking industry

In the woodworking industry, where woodworking lathes are popular, you can create designs that have the perfect symmetry and a great finish. While the majority of woodworking lathes requires manual operation, this tool still offers high production rate and consistency.

In the metal industry

In the metal industry, metal cutters attached to the lathe tool can drill perfect holes at uniform distances.

In the glass industry

A lathe can help turn a glass piece over a flame, making it soft enough for easy manipulation. This allows you to mold the glass into your desired shape and prevents the use of different heat-resistant equipment for cutting a single design.

A range of complex designs

One of the biggest benefits of the lathe tool is it enables workers to produce objects of complex designs. In fact, this machine is capable to cut even the most difficult designs in different industries.


Apart from its ability to produce complex designs, lathes can also operate at full speed. As modern lathes often have 12 or more tools within a turret, they can quickly change to a different tool quickly.

Cost efficiency

While modern lathes can cost you hundreds of dollars, their contribution to your machining process make them a cost effective choice. Whereas you may need different machining equipment to get a design done, you can do all of those operations in a modern lathe.