A Slice of Heaven: 4 Sentosa Attractions

Diving Underwater Sentosa

Diving Underwater SentosaSunny Singapore is a melting pot of tourist attractions, with nearly every part of the nation having a good number of interesting spots to visit. One of the most popular destinations is Sentosa Island, and for good reason – the place is peppered with awesome attractions, much to the delight of any fun loving traveller.

Here are some of the sites that you should visit.

Underwater World

Marine life is a mystery, with a good chunk of the ocean left unexplored. Underwater world gives visitors a lengthy peek at the odd and beautiful creatures found in the ocean depths. The place is massive, holding over 2,500 fish and more than 250 species of sea creatures. Many of the marine species that you thought you would only encounter in animal books can be found there.

Additionally, outside of the aquarium area is an arena where tourist can catch dolphin shows. In truth, the Underwater World, alone, makes the trip to Sentosa worth every penny.

Universal Studios

A trip to Sentosa arguably isn’t complete without dropping by its world famous theme park – Universal Studios. Like the Universal Studios in other countries, the one in Sentosa is gorgeously massive, playing home to seven expansive realms which include Ancient Egypt, New York, Hollywood, and Madagascar. Each realm has a multitude of rides and attractions that both kids and the not-so-young will thoroughly enjoy.

Sentosa Beaches

Those who wish to savour some fun in the sun will get a kick out of Sentosa’s beaches. The coastline is rigged with soft white sand coupled with scenic landscapes, palm trees, and clear blue waters.  Whether you engage in water sports or go for a casual dip, the island’s portion of paradise can certainly recharge anyone who’s looking for a pleasurable getaway.

The Skyline Luge

The means for getting from one region of the island to another is, in itself, an attraction. In riding the Skyline Luge, you’ll have a stellar view of the various Sentosa attractions and can even find potential spots to visit. Some people actually board it repeatedly, as if it’s a theme park ride, just for kicks.

When visiting Singapore, Sentosa Island is often at the top of anyone’s priority list. It has a ton of rides, a collection of interesting places, and is home to lovely beaches. Consider it a slice of heaven.