A House is Not Just an Abode, It’s an Investment

Home Investment

Home Investment in St. CharlesFunny how your house could be the start of all the great things in your life. For starters, it could trigger your interior decorating skills and bolster your baby management expertise – not to mention shelter you from the elements while you’re at it. However, lest you forget, know that your house is not just your castle; it’s an investment that could realize your future goals.

The Making of the American Home

Now, if you think America’s love affair with homeownership is waning, some tidbits of information should set things straight.

There’s a new space age and it doesn’t have anything to do with the stars and planets of the universe. This space age is about the place we live in. The National Association of Home Builders reveal American houses have been tripling in size since the 1950’s – jumping from just 950 square feet to 2,600 square feet on average nowadays.

A drive to Richmond, South Carolina should be an eye-opener.

Amazingly, however, it seems the American home is getting lonelier by the year. Statistics reveal the average number of people living in American homes has declined from five people at the turn of the century to just 2.5 recently.

A Financial Boost

There’s a great chance you’re thinking your home is a money-magnet of sorts. By now, a considerable amount of your own personal fortune has been spent on making your home a better place to live in.

But all that may not be for naught. Your house is a financial asset, whether you view it as such or not, says FasterHouse. Because it has financial value, you could put it in the market and even gain handsomely given the right circumstances.

Homebuyers, for instance, can buy your home for cash. With such transactions, you are assured you get cash quickly without having to go through a lengthy process (i.e., credit approval).

This is most helpful in times when your need for cash is high – allowing you to move along quickly.

Your house is not just a place to live in; it could be the very instrument to get you to better times.